Ashlevans Entertainment

Graphic Designer • Agent • Event Curator

We are a boutique design & media agency based in Nashville, TN specializing in artist development from logos, branding, photography to graphic design (posters, albums, promotional materials).

Founder of Spotlight615 - the original All Original Music show on Broadway, downtown Nashville. We have featured over 400 acts, playing all original music on Broadway & have hosted 8 sold out Road Trip shows.

We are a small booking agency, featuring a small roster of touring artists of varying genres. Let us know how we can feature them on your events!


We are all travelers, on different time zones, with where we are coming from and going to, please respect quiet sleeping hours.

Weekdays: 10:30pm to 8am // Weekends: 11pm to 9:30am

Bedroom #1 (upstairs)


Comes with comfortable queen bed, lots of pillow options, desk / chair, walk-in closet + dresser, sound machine / fan, reading light. This space is SHARED with Ashley - bathroom / living room / kitchen.


Rest of this part of the house is shared common space. Please be respectful of messes and clean up after yourself.


Please no cooking animal / meat products in the kitchen. Chicken and fish are ok, please no bacon.


Solo visitor: $50 per week night, $60 per Friday / Saturday night.

Extra visitor in same bed + $10 per night.

Cleaning Fee = $50 per stay.

Monthly / longer stays available at discounted pricing!

Payable by Venmo: @ashlevans

Cancelation policy: Rooms can be held if you are not sure of your exact travel plans. However, if i receive another inquiry, you will be notified first to either confirm or release the date(s). If you confirm, payment is due at that time. If you choose to cancel before your stay - there is no refunds - UNLESS i am able to book those dates, and at which time you will be refunded those dates, less a $50 booking fee. Leave early? No refunds (unless I am able to rebook those nights, again, less $50 fee).

Want to book some writing dates while you visit, let’s chat! I would love to help coordinate that!

Questions? Call Ashley: 847-845-1750