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We are a boutique design & media agency based in Nashville, TN specializing in artist development from logos, branding, photography to graphic design (posters, albums, promotional materials) and booking original shows.

Album Design for iTunes single covers & EP Sleeves:

Ali Dee - photo edits / single design. A Thousand Miles - logo design & album design; Heather Morgan - album design; Aubrey Wollett - album design; Nicole Boggs - album design & logo design; Benny Bassett - album design; Jon Paul - album design; Cartwrite - two EP album designs; Megan Rüger - logo & album design; Steve Dorian - photography, logo, album design.

Album design - 4+ pages of design content:

Lauren Riggs - photo edits, album design; Kimberly Kelly - album design; Chris "Oz" Ferrara - logo, album design; Jesse Isley - two album designs, logos, promo materials; Vintage Blue - logo, album design, logo design, vinyl design, posters; Amy Gerhartz - photography, logo, album design, merch, promo materials; Andrew Salgado - album design; Megan Rüger - logo, album design; She Ne Ne - vintage album design. 

Logo Designs / Branding 

Band EPK's

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a band's one-sheeter of resume type information, great for booking agents to highlite information on the artists they are helping book shows for. Featured: Corey Congilio, J.R.Moore of Ingram Hill, Danika Portz, Jesse Isley.

Band MerchandisE

Here is a few "merch" items that you can find my logos, designs, or illustrations on.


Photography Portfolio ft. Rockin' B's Lookbook

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