Ashlevans Entertainment

Graphic Designer • Agent • Event Curator

We are a boutique design & media agency based in Nashville, TN specializing in artist development from logos, branding, photography to graphic design (posters, albums, promotional materials).

Founder of Spotlight615 - the original All Original Music show on Broadway, downtown Nashville. We have featured over 400 acts, playing all original music on Broadway & have hosted 8 sold out Road Trip shows.

We are a small booking agency, featuring a small roster of touring artists of varying genres. Let us know how we can feature them on your events!

"Music As a Business" Welcome Party 9/20


"Music As a Business" Welcome Party 9/20


Welcome Party. 6-9pm.

This event will be LIMITED to 40 tickets! $5 ticket ($2 CC processing fee) • $10 at the door.

Come mingle and welcome our guest speakers and panelists in this fun, intimate setting. Pamela Parker and Sam Gyllenhaal Band band to perform. Beverages with your ticket thanks to Sam Adams, Truly, Old Dominick. Water & light snacks also included!

Harbor Island Yacht Club - 300 Harbor Drive, Old Hickory, TN. Special gate code to the island will be needed to attend.

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