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We are a boutique design & media agency based in Nashville TN specializing in artist development (logos, branding, photography, graphic design (posters, albums, promotional materials).

Album Design for iTunes single covers & EP Sleeves:

Ali Dee - photo edits / single design. A Thousand Miles - logo design & album design; Heather Morgan - album design; Aubrey Wollett - album design; Nicole Boggs - album design & logo design; Benny Bassett - album design; Jon Paul - album design; Cartwrite - two EP album designs; Megan Rüger - logo & album design; Steve Dorian - photography, logo, album design.

Album design - 4+ pages of design content:

Lauren Riggs - photo edits, album design; Kimberly Kelly - album design; Chris "Oz" Ferrara - logo, album design; Jesse Isley - two album designs, logos, promo materials; Vintage Blue - logo, album design, logo design, vinyl design, posters; Amy Gerhartz - photography, logo, album design, merch, promo materials; Andrew Salgado - album design; Megan Rüger - logo, album design; She Ne Ne - vintage album design. 

Logo Designs / Branding 

Band EPK's

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a band's one-sheeter of resume type information, great for booking agents to highlite information on the artists they are helping book shows for. Featured: Corey Congilio, J.R.Moore of Ingram Hill, Danika Portz, Jesse Isley.

Band MerchandisE

Here is a few "merch" items that you can find my logos, designs, or illustrations on.


Photography Portfolio ft. Rockin' B's Lookbook

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