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We are a boutique design & media agency based in Nashville, TN specializing in artist development from logos, branding, photography to graphic design (posters, albums, promotional materials) and booking original shows.

A little about CRS = Country Radio Seminar! This is the most fun week of the year for Country Artists in Nashville! While we love CMA Fest and connecting with FANS that week, this week is mingling and connecting with all the Country Radio station STAFF who play your songs on their stations, from all over the country. 

The buy-on for OUR Spotlight615 partnership with CRS is $1,500 for them to promote our two shows. While we LOVE supporting original artists, and PAY THEM, this show will have a small buy-on to off-set all of the costs involved with being an OFFICIAL CRS SHOW!

• The CRS event website & facebook pages

• Listings on the CRS full guide book/brochure

• 2-line show listing on the CRS pocket guide (no names, just venue / times)

• Large banner daily at the convention (Omni hotel / convention center) of “What To Do Tonight” (Spotlight615 + 1 other event each night will be promoted)

• CRS will come Facebook LIVE from each event (haven’t finalized when person will arrive)

• CRS will share our show poster on Instagram

• and more!

Below is listed the ARTIST “buy on pricing” to perform each spot. While we suggest band acts, the time slot is up to you to utilize for maximum performance for the radio stations and fans!


• We have the rights to use all CRS logos (which are copyright / trademarked) on all our promos

• We will be the ONLY official “after party” they promote (two events per night)
• We will have (2+) LARGE stand-up banners (vinyl) printed with all artists + their time spots

• The banners will hang ALL WEEK at respective venues (possibly 2 weeks)

• Posters (paper) printed & hung around town

• Posters (paper) hung at respective venues minimum 2-3 weeks out from show

• Both venues will have a large 8’x8’ step-and-repeat banner specifically for this show to “walk the red carpet” to take photos in front of!! (each will have venue & sponsor logos + Spotlight615 & CRS logos)

• We will post on all the "what's going on in Nashville" sites, and try to get an ad in the Nashville Scene with the budget!

If this goes great, they are additionally interested in partnering with us for CMA FEST in June!


• Submissions are open through Dec 31, 2016

• Papa Raines & Ashlevans Ent. will sit down the first week of January to review ALL submissions

• If you are chosen, we will send an official offer by Jan 6th, 2017.. 

•  You will have 48-hours to accept (with payment) or decline to perform. 

• Banners with artists names will go to print Jan 13 to try to get up into venues sooner than 2 weeks before show. 

SHOW 1: Thurs Feb 23 / 5pm - 9pm

Tin Roof Broadway

"The ONLY All-Original Music Show on Broadway, downtown Nashville!"

(Convention is 10am-5pm mingling stages, booths, like a “craft show” set up + rooms of performances etc). 

* We backline drums, provide sound, mics / monitors, bass AMP is ONLY provided on front stage.

Charity: Team Big 98 for St Jude (free show, any donations collected at door – 100% goes to St Jude, part of Country Cares and our friends at The Big 98 radio station here in Nashville). In the past year we have raised $13,000 for St Jude from our show, in addition to $4,000 for various other charities)!

SHOW 2: Fri Feb 24 / 6pm - 12:15am


(The convention dinner goes through 8pm (mandatory), and “Sony New Faces” performance (not mandatory) will end at 10pm… 

* We backline drums, provide sound, mics / monitors

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